If your Vehicle was impounded with Ricky’s Wrecker Service, Inc.   Please note

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires the following for vehicle release:

Ricky’s shall allow the vehicle owner or authorized representative to obtain possession of the vehicle at any time between the hours listed on the facility information sign posted as described in §85.1003, upon payment of all fees due,

presentation of valid identification (Texas drivers license or other state or federally issued photo identification),and upon presentation of:

(A)  a notarized power-of-attorney;

(B) a court order;

(C) a certificate of title;

(D)  a tax collector's receipt and a vehicle registration renewal card accompanied by a conforming identification;

(E) executed proof of loss claim form from an insurance company to show a right to possession;

(F) name and address information corresponding to that contained in the files of the Texas Department of Transportation’s  Vehicle Titles and Registration Division;

(G) a department approved Affidavit of Right of Possession, which is to be furnished by the VSF upon request (an Affidavit of Right of Possession is not to be used as a repossession instrument).

(H) A VSF must accept evidence of financial responsibility (insurance card), as required by §601.051, Transportation Code,as an additional form of identification that establishes ownership or right of possession or control of the vehicle.


TDLR Forms:


Please see acceptable forms for vehicle retrieval from Impound. Please print off the appropriate

form for your case and have it signed before a notary public. Please note all forms are available

at our office free of charge.  We also have an in house notary who will notarize for you for a small fee.


Ricky’s Wrecker Service accepts Cash, Visa & Master Card